Tromboncino Squash

January 7, 2009

Is also known as Trombone squash…..a bright orange squash that grows to epic proportions and sometimes ends up looking like a musical instrument!Last night in preparation for the Living Lands Agrarian Network soup night, Joe finally cut into our tromboncino!


Joe took over soup duty and lovingly crafted a sweet and mellow trombasini squash soup with a very round vegetable broth. In fact he made this soup totally vegan, just to see how it turned out. And was it good!!!

Kai and I helped him prep all 12 lbs of the squash, and were are talking 1 squash! We peeled and chopped the squash and then roasted it in the oven before making it into a soup.


Tromboncino or Rampicante Zucchetta is an unusually shaped Italian squash that is grown as a type of zucchini.

The blossom end from a kind of bulb and this is where the seeds concentrate.  The rest of the squash is all flesh, making it a great squash for cooking because it tends to remain firmer than regular zucchini.  The flavor is at its finest when harvested at about 8 – 18 inches.  If left on the vine they can easily grow to 25 lbs. and could probably be used as a gourd.

Seed is available in many catalogs either under squash or Italian vegetables.  Online you can find them at The Cook’s Garden
or at Pinetree Garden Seeds.  The fruits can be used in any of your favorite zucchini recipes.


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  1. YUM! Makes me hungry to read this artcile! This is the 3rd year I’ve grown the Tromboncino squash here in my garden located in Portland, Oregon. It is the best summer & winter squash I have ever grown! This lovely squash resists problems like other common squash grown in gardens every summer and the Tromboncino gives quite a show growing up and over my garden fence with it’s HUGE beautiful leaves and awesome large fruits. I will forever grow, adore and cook the awesome Tromboncino in my garden every year as well as having much to share with my neighbors that love this squash as well! Thank you for writing this article!

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